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Course curriculum

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    Failure and Fear

    • Defining Failure

    • Biggest Fear

    • Biggest Fear Worksheet

  • 3

    Know Yourself

    • Where are you?

    • What's your Why?

    • Do you believe in yourself?

    • Where are you going?

    • Where are you going worksheet

  • 4

    Your Journey

    • Circle of Influence

    • The Tools

    • How to Dig In

    • Where are you on your journey?

    • Digging In

    • Innovate

    • Meaningful and Unique

    • Pivot

  • 5


    • Opportunity to Learn

    • Thank You

    • Thanks Team

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    PDF Resources

    • Full Ackerman Mindset Workbook

    • Worksheet Notes

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Founder, Head Coach

Jason Ackerman

Jason is a three-time CrossFit affiliate owner (Albany CrossFit, CrossFit Soulshine and CrossFit Clifton Park) with over 25-years’ experience in health and fitness. He rose through the ranks on the CrossFit seminar circuit to take a position as a Level 4 Trainer on the CrossFit seminar staff; an elite team of coaches who mentor aspiring trainers, CrossFitters and affiliate owners. Jason graduated with a Masters in Psychology which has served to excel his natural aptitude in the art of coaching. Jason has helped thousands of people lose weight and create a healthier relationship with food. As a former competitive wrestler and bodybuilder, Jason not only knows how to achieve specific lean bodyweight and sports performance related goals, but he understands the psyche and mindset behind the process. Jason’s ability to empathize and connect personally with his clients is attributable to his own experiences and deep understanding of the psychology of nutrition. Jason’s coaching will help you identify your biggest obstacles in life and set you up for success in overcoming them.